12 May 2014

Make: 9


I currently have a to-do list that spans from now until September. Just general stuff I need to take care of (re: having decade-old-fillings replaced, renewing my soon-to-expire-passport, lots and lots of fiction to read), but at the top of my list was purchasing a new pair of running shoes. I know right? How was that at the top of my list? Well, the running shoes I've currently been rocking were old. Old as in 2009 was when they were purchased. Old as in they gathered dust for years before I aggressively started wearing them in the last year. I began to notice that whenever my trainer has me do the dreaded mountain climbers, I found myself losing traction, feeling like I was going to slip and fall. Not because I am week or have poor balance (I was both of those things not too long ago), but because my shoes were old and had lost their traction. 

I ran two races in my 2009 puppies, which was awesome. But it was time for a new pair of shoes. I have known this for a while, and on Friday, I finally took care of business. I had told myself I'd get a pair that was black and white, so they'd "match" and I could be the normcore queen of Chicago. But when I saw these bright blue/neon pink shoes, I just knew they were mine. I broke them in on Saturday, naturally walking a mile and half to Hot Doug's. They felt good, lightweight, full of personality and possibility, how could I not want to wear them all of the time?

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