11 June 2014

Inspiration, Summah, Mood Boards

Oh Dear Drea's posts on Hula Hooping and How to Have a Good Life Without Spending a Lot of Money
Have a Summah tee from Tee Spring / the mind of Howard Kremer
You can fail at what you don't want, so you might as 
well take a chance on doing what you love. - Jim Carrey

Tavi Gevinson's pure happiness on her last day of high school.
Emma Chapman's post on Changing Your Dreams (and letting old dreams go)
This giant photo blow-up DIY from SF Girl By the Bay
This kitchen, with it's concrete counters and picnic table style dining via A Beautiful Mess
Everything Lorde, all day and all night, but especially "Ribs"

"The key to this is “no” - no to people who don’t live the kind of life you want reflected back on you; no to nights out that might be more productively be spent in; no to the life that society dictates to you; no to the life well-meaning loved ones dictate to you; no to extra cheese; no to the third snooze button; no to the first alarm; no to okcupid dates with guys who categorize themselves as “really nice and respectful of women” (if you have to say it…); no to inhibitions; no to reputations; no to another couple of years hovering above minimum wage; no to being the inverse of what you were, just to see if that fixes things." - Emma Marie Martin

This article about a woman who owns 305 things, and lives in her friend's backyard.
A mid-year check-in on my goals list
Steigl Radler, my drink of choice via the Purveyor
This video asking for a change in a mascot name. 
A change that needs to happen for the betterment of this country.

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