27 June 2014

This Weekend

The theme of this weekend is hanging out with women who inspire me and who also happen to be bloggers. Between Lexie, Rose, and Kelsey, I can already feel my cheeks beginning to burn from all the smiling I will be doing in their company! Not to mention the Pride Parade, which is apparently marriage themed, because gay marriage was finally legalized in this fine Midwestern state! The above photo is from the time Adolfo invited me to dance like a maniac on the Holiday Inn float! Back in 2010! SO MUCH JOY!

- Going on an architecture boat tour this afternoon
- Working out
- Making this potato salad
- Reading more of Naked By the Window (which I can't put down!)
- Lexie time!!!!
- Dinner at Au Cheval
- Gay Pride Parade
- Celebratory drinks with Rose at Kelsey's event!

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