03 July 2014

Buon Viaggio, Ben

Ben, one of my very best friends since the first day of college, is moving to Virginia today. And while my heart is exploding with excitement for him, it's also tinged with the tiniest bit of sadness at his departure. He was literally the first friend I made on my first day at Knox. I remember sobbing like a homesick maniac, begging my parents not to leave, then wandering around the dorm and meeting him. I liked him immediately. 

Through the weirdness and homesickness, he found a way to make me laugh, like really laugh and forget how much I missed my bed, my parents, and my Chicago. I remember we made plans to get our ID photos taken at the same time, and had a long discussion about the importance of the photo / what we would be wearing. He wore a skull necklace that I will never forget, and I wore every color in the rainbow. One time, we did our laundry together, and he laid our clothes on the floor, started laughing, and said it looked as though we'd melted. We listened to I'd Melt with You, and danced around our clothes on the floor laughing and laughing till our stomachs hurt.

And that's truly the theme of our friendship. While we studied the same thing and had all sorts of common interests and friends, I felt like I could tell him anything and somehow we would wind up laughing and laughing. Our brains always found a way of landing on the same point, finding humor in the weirdest things, laughing as we did without abandon.

Today he is embarking on his next big adventure, one that leaves us far away from one another for the first time since we met nearly eight years ago. I am beyond inspired by his decision to go to grad school at a program that is perfect for him. I honestly don't know where I'd be without him these last few years, these crazy years of transition, yearning, longing, learning, and growth. To send him properly on his way, I've got some gems from our budding friendship to share with you!

Ben, you rock! You are the Spongebob to my Patrick. Keep on dancing and lighting up the world with your wit, humor, and infectious laugh!

The first day I met Ben
The time we melted
In an Iowa prairie at Bioneers
Us dancing to Hot Chip in an Iowa church kitchen
Pitchfork 2009
Pitchfork 2013
Us at a college party, pink wine, duh.
Us later on at the same party. I'm pretty sure this is the night we handed
out homemade business cards that we made before going out.
Us at our favorite bar in Galesburg, Duffy's. The night before graduation!
When we were the homecoming speakers for the Knox College Art
History department in 2012

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  1. Joan here - You just have to know Ben's voice and droll delivery to appreciate comments like "it looks like we've melted!"