31 October 2014

Ghosts of Halloweens Past

In the spirit of Halloween, and in part because I didn't have time to generate a new costume this year, I thought it best to share some of my past Halloween costumes. I'm feeling all sorts of guilt about dropping the ball on crafting something spooktacular, but to prove I'm not always a complete slacker, here are some of the gems from my career as a staple and scissors DIY seamstress.

Not pictured: The year I went as Hurricane Sandy (just no), the year I dressed as a French person while studying abroad in Italy, and the year I dressed as my favorite waitress from Ed Debevic's.
In high school I thought it was a great idea to dress as Janine, the porn star adorning the cover of Blink-182's Enema of the State album cover. I wore this in school the entire day. This photo was taken in the locker room after gym class. Shoutout to my pal Tim Stedman who's creative genius had me dressing like a sexy nurse all the way back in high school.
I made a really cute princess, Mari made a really handsome ladybug, my mom was very good at costume making (thanks mom!!). Also, I'm pretty sure we were standing on a changing table. Ew.
The year I went as Bjork in the Swan dress. I made the entire skirt out of repurposed plastic bags. And I drew Bjork's tattoo on my arm in Sharpee. Despite my best efforts, almost nobody at my very liberal arts college got it.
I think I was a bride, I'm not even sure. And Mari was Rapunzel. That yarn braid had a wire in it that made it stand at a weird angle, I don't even know.
So this wasn't Halloween, but it should have been. Ben Scott threw a French themed party in college and I thought it best to show up dressed as Napoleon. Duh.
I'm the weirdo on the bottom right, with the blonde bangs outside of the giant afro. I think I was a disco hippie? Like I wore a tie dyed shirt with an afro and bellbottoms. This was deep into my obsession with 1960's culture and disco. I was a very eccentric 9 year old, I swear.
Last year Andrew and I dressed as Gallagher and his very adorable very smashed watermelon. I spent a week making his sledgehammer out of paper mache (so many layers of wet paper). And my dress was a whole other conundrum, but we were definitely hilarious, spot on conceptual, and probably definitely the cutest couple at the party.
And last, but certainly not least, is the year I dressed up as a Tamagotchi and won an online Halloween costume contest. Yeah, that was a thing in 2007. 

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