05 December 2014

Life As of Late

To answer a few questions about the cricket chirps that equate to my blog these days:

No, I'm not quite done with finals.
Yes, I'm planning on reflecting on my first semester of grad school, just give me a weekend and I should be ready to contemplate (post one more paper).

Here are some images that sum up my life, as of late. Upon reflection, sometimes it's easier to pick a photo here and there. I always love scrolling through my older posts to remember what exactly was going on in my life. Things I'm into right now include:

- Obsessively checking the CPL website to see if my copies of "Not That Kind of Girl" and "It Starts With Food" have become available.
- Serial, because... Serial.
- Sneaking in a page or two of "reading for pleasure" books. I'm reading "The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao" but please don't tell my homework...
- Butternut squash soup / sweet potato soup
- Making my own mint and eucalyptus shower and room spray
- The Carrie Diaries. I know, I know. I am crazy.

Mari and I in the kitchen. Confession: Thanksgiving was all of the meltdowns rolled into a day full of meltdowns. In retrospect, I'm grateful for a whole lot - I just had a really hard time showing it. Here's to continuing to try to be grateful and mindful, but also expressing myself in meaningful and productive ways. 
Still archiving Herb's collection. We are knee deep in negatives! And he's even started enlarging some of our unearthings!!
That time I had a "boys night" that ended with us grabbing drinks at the 95th. Best $8 cider I've had in a while.
#babylostandfound my "side project" of collecting lost items belonging to children is in full force.

Working at Gallery 400 continues to be illuminating and gratifying for me. I helped a great deal with our current show.

Studio visit last night was pretty fun, also PBR. Also, why am I not in the MFA program??

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