05 August 2015

Expanded Moments: Post 3

Video taken by Sandy Guttman on Clark and Diversey at the Chicago Pride Parade, just two days after the Supreme Court passed a bill for marriage equality. This video has no sound.

01 August 2015

So, I co-curated an exhibition

At a gallery I deeply admire. That's right! Goal accomplished!

The last year has been a complete whirlwind with so many firsts.

  • First time writing a wall label. 
  • First time hanging a wall label. 
  • First time writing a press release. 
  • First time giving a tour of campus. 
  • First time giving a gallery tour. 
  • First time moderating an artist's talk. 
  • First time working an exhibition opening (which there have been many more of). 
  • First time curating a show. 
  • First time being interviewed about said exhibition for a local arts publication.

While I have been journaling with much more regularity than blogging (sorry fans!), I thought now would be a ripe time to take stock of just how magical things are for me. I'm working at two galleries: Gallery 400 and Aspect/Ratio, both located on Peoria Street. I've been at Gallery 400 for nearly a year, and have grown to love this place dearly. Between doing curatorial research, researching and writing wall labels, writing and giving tours to community members, and helping to facilitate a whole slew of incredible programming - this place has come to feel like my home away from home.

Aspect/Ratio... where to begin? I've been crushing on this gallery since I first visited in 2013 for Guy Ben-Ner's exhibition featuring Soundtrack, culling it's soundtrack entirely from War of the Worlds (the Tom Cruise remake). I met Jefferson Godard, the director, and became an overnight fan of the gallery which is the only gallery sapce in Chicago devoted entirely to new media. Over the course of the summer I've helped strategize for the future of the gallery (we're going to be in TWO art fairs this fall and winter), organized a fantastic studio visit with the photographer Nick Albertson, done countless research on the artists we represent, and co-curated a show with Jeroen Nelemans. To say it's been amazing has been an understatement! Being able to have the space to explore, grow, ask questions, curate, and learn how the commercial side of the art world functions has been such a dream come true. From first coming to the gallery two years ago to having leaving a mark within the history of the gallery is something I will always we amazed at. It just goes to show, it never hurts to ask or offer your skills to something you love and admire.

As the summer is wrapping up (how is it August?!), I wanted to share with you my sheer gratitude for having been able to be a part of these incredible art spaces. I've grown an immense amount in the last year, if it weren't for both of these galleries opening themselves up to me, I might not be where I am today! And now for the photographic documentation of these two dream-jobs :)

From the show Uncommon Commonalities (currently on view at Aspect/Ratio), co-curated by myself and Jeroen Nelemans.
Left: Rashayla Marie Brown, Wig Karma (2015), Center: Einat Amir, Boi (2004), Right: Glen FogelCall me and we can buy love together #46, #47, #45 (slut triptych) (2009)
Left: Rashayla Marie Brown, Wig Karma (2015), Right: Glen FogelCall me and we can buy love together #46, #47, #45 (slut triptych) (2009)
Left: Glen FogelCall me and we can buy love together #46, #47, #45 (slut triptych) (2009), Right: DesirĂ©e Holman, Not Cliff (Conduits of Fantasy) 1 (2007-2009)

My favorite moment in Guy Ben-Ner's  iconic Moby Dick (2000)

Nick Albertson talking about his latest work in his Chicago studio
The artist Amanda Williams giving an artist talk to Marwen students in her installation Color(ed) Theory: In the Darkness that Pervades Us, these Beacons will be Colored to Guide Us (2015)

These are some of the comments we've received from exhibition visitors! Part of my job has been to strategize community engagement - the comment cards have been super eye opening!

From the organic dye workshop along the 606 in Humboldt Park, hosted in collaboration with Marianne Fairbanks.

Exploring wholeness and wellness during our outdoor yoga workshop organized in collaboration with Black Girl in Om.
A moment during FULTONIA's Mycelia Performance, titled Requiem for Alvenia
A climatic moment in Kirsten Leenaars' performance titled the Imaginary Center of Perception
An impassioned African dance performance during This Stops Today: Creative Expressions on Police Accountability, Anti-Violence, and Community Safety
Marianne Fairbanks' solar dyeing installation in the Reading Room at Gallery 400