02 November 2015

I'm Gonna Swing From the Chandelier, From the Chandelier

Between school, work, and going on audio tours (more on that soon), Halloween crept into my schedule and I managed to pull myself together enough to wear a *new* costume. No recycled looks for me this year. I think what made this one particularly effortless was the fact that I didn't have to wear pants. But also, leotards and tights are not fun or easy to go to the bathroom while wearing. Props to all the ballerinas, dancers, actors, and leotard wearers of the world - I commend you for your efforts.

2015 was the year I discovered Sia, and as such, it seemed perfectly fitting that I would go as her alter-ego the little blond dancer, Maddie Zeigler. Love love love how my costume turned out this year! Now back to the world of homework, class, and questioning if I'm running late or on time because Daylight Savings Time!


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